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Lingyang Technologies INC is an artificial intelligence high-tech innovation company who committed to using AI+IoT technology to accelerate the digitalization and intelligence of the world's industry. In the mean time, we provide business value for industry users with its cloud-based generalized modeling optimization engine platform and AI real-time industrial control machine and other products. At present, it has managed to the deep integration application of AI technology in many industrial fields and provide customers with "hardware+software+data+service" multi-integrated solutions.
Industrial Scenes
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| AI Factory |
Our self-developed industrial artificial intelligence core technology (data deep learning + real-time optimization control intelligence algorithm) has proven its powerful scenario-based application capability in several factories. A complete set of AI solutions can be modularly designed based on a combination of software and hardware, which can build more effective AI applications for factories at a lower cost and create greater economic benefits for enterprises. . . . .
| AI Power Plant |
We have carried out the first AI technology-based smart power plant operation platform in China, using 5G communication technology, big data analysis, image recognition, edge computing and other artificial intelligence technologies to help the power generation industry transform intelligently. We also manage to smart fuel, smart emission reduction, smart control, smart cloud defense, smart operation and maintenance, and smart decision-making. . . . .
| AI Photovoltaic |
Our product use intelligent algorithm to make accurate analysis and prediction based on the cloud photos taken by fisheye camera in real time, irradiation, wind speed and wind direction data collected by environment measuring instrument, combined with local latitude and longitude information, to calculate the best operation angle of each array and send the command to the actuator so as to achieve the optimal tracking and increase the power generation.
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| AI Building |
We provide a complete set of solutions for intelligent buildings which based on intelligent optimization algorithm technology. We use 5G, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to visualize, digitalize and intellectualize the concept of real-time display of the spatial distribution. In a way, we provide operating conditions and statistical data of each device to achieve a comprehensive display and management of the building.
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Customization One-stop Service
AI Empower & Intelligence Achieve
We customize a complete set of services and product systems for our customers which based on big data analysis and AI optimization algorithms. By this way, it can make it to promote the change of production management mode from local, sloppy and inefficient to safe, accurate and efficient. We use automation and intelligent means to improve power generation efficiency, reduce energy loss, extend service life, and improve the return on investment of projects.

AI Case Show
Bosch Plant Suzhou Zhongmin New Energy Photovoltaic Power Plant Anhui fishery photovoltaic power plant Monitoring of air-cooling system of a power plant in Yantai Sichuan Ganzi Photovoltaic Power Plant Project A photovoltaic power plant project in Dalat Banner, Inner Mongolia

Bosch Plant Suzhou
Digital management platform for factories to optimize production and management
Anhui fishery photovoltaic power plant
Intelligent communication box and tracking controller based on AI solar tracking algorithm for power plants to improve power generation
Zhongmin New Energy Photovoltaic Power Plant
Single-axis tracking system provides AI-based hardware and software to improve power generation
Monitoring of air cooling system in a power plant
Based on image recognition technology, we provide online monitoring for air-cooling systems in power plants to improve O&M efficiency and reduce O&M costs
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