Free customization
According to different application scenarios, different access conditions, and different optimization goals, our professional design team provides a set of professional private customized solutions for our customers. The core team graduated from Tsinghua, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other institutions, and has more than ten years of work experience in well-known industrial companies at home and abroad.
Efficient and safe control system
Data mining and visual monitoring according to top-to-bottom hierarchy, real-time access to accurate system equipment operation data, real-time monitoring of key data in application scenarios which makes operation and maintenance more stable, convenient and efficient.
Multi-screen fusion
It provides a variety of web page, mini program and APP display experience, including comprehensive data monitoring dimensions, intelligent alarm, fault query, work order dispatch and other functions in one click. It creates an integrated linkage of "intelligent production + intelligent monitoring + intelligent operation and maintenance".
New Operational
We provide companies with a user operation center for the industrial Internet era, establishing efficient communication and management channels for users and their customers, not only to achieve interconnection between product lines, but also to create an AI ecological chain.

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