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| Solar Tracker Control Box TCU |
This series of products are intelligent tracking controllers, which are highly intelligent PV tracking controllers. It will automatically calculate the sun's movement trajectory and the azimuth and altitude angle of the location at any moment according to the local latitude and longitude, time, and procedures. Furthermore, in the automatic tracking mode, the system will automatically issue tracking commands according to the current position of the sun, and even control the operation of the motor actuator to make it to the PV module tracking the sun in real time and thus improve power generation.

| Intelligent Communication Box NCU |
Based on the cloud photos taken by the fisheye camera in real time, the irradiation, wind speed and wind direction data collected by the environmental measuring instrument would combine with the local latitude and longitude information. This product uses AI algorithm to make accurate analysis and prediction, calculate the best operating angle for each array, and send the command to TCU so as to achieve the optimal tracking. ——————
| Intelligent Weather Station SWM |
The SWM is equipped with irradiometer, anemometer and wind direction meter, which are used to collect solar irradiance, wind speed, wind direction and other data respectively. The SWM is also equipped with a sky fisheye camera which takes real-time cloud photos and fuses the sky cloud distribution through real-time image processing technology as input data for irradiation data correction and micro-meteorological prediction. The irradiometer, anemometer, wind direction meter and sky camera are all installed on a 3m vertical pole, and generally one box transformer is equipped with an intelligent weather station at the PV project site. ——————

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