Intelligence Achieve
| Intelligent Tracking PV O&M Platform |
The platform enables owners and operators of tracked PV power plants to fully control the real-time operation of the plants. The platform has the functions of real-time data collection and monitoring, fault warning, data analysis, etc., together with the collocation intelligent tracking control system. It greatly enhances the reliability of power plant operation and the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

| Multi-functional Complementary Real-time Optimization Digital Management Platform |
In cooperation with UTRC, Lawrence National Laboratory, we have achieved for the first time the overall real-time optimal control of the U.S. district energy system, optimizing the overall water, electricity, fresh air, and energy storage systems, improving energy efficiency by 8-12% over the original control logic.

| Factory Digital Management Platform |
Relying on the digital management platform of the factory of Lingyang Technologies INC, and with the help of advanced technologies such as IoT, big data and industrial AI, it helps the factory to complete digital upgrading, improve the refinement management level of the factory, reduce the operation cost of the factory, and create an Industry 4.0 intelligent green factory. ——————
| PV Plant Operation Software |
Based on more than 10 years of accumulated experience in PV project operation and maintenance, the PV power plant operation software was developed to provide PV power plant owners with an industrial Internet era management operation center, which not only establishes communication and management channels for owners and operation and maintenance personnel, but also provides customized permissions and accurate scoring for hierarchical management and multi-users, making operation transparent, efficient and convenient.


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