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Tracking Solar Plant AIIntelligent

Optimized Tracking Solution

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Multi-functional complementary real-time

optimization Digital Management Solutions

Industrial Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Our products can be applied to industrial fields including multi-functional complementary energy stations, new energy generation systems (solar, wind), building energy management, industrial equipment energy saving, cold chain logistics, desulfurization and de-sulfurization, thermal power plant energy saving, waste heat recovery, etc.
Optimization of operations
Facilitate human-machine collaboration, optimize middle and back office operation process, save operation cost, guarantee operation quality and improve operation efficiency.

Shortened transaction processing cycle
Work 24/7 to process business in a standardized, agile and efficient manner, without business piling up.

Improved overall business compliance
Robot operations are fully traceable and complete tasks exactly as instructed by the designer, improving data quality and business compliance.

Employee self-value enhancement
Free up employees to focus on more high-value business tasks that require business communication and handling complexity.

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